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Digital Training Plans

The Tandem Training App (Powered by Trainerize) is a desktop and mobile app for your trainer to send you digital training plans on, as well as to chat. You will receive full instructions on how to access and log into the Tandem App (Powered by Trainerize) and leverage its features after you have finalized your Tandem subscription.

Through the Tandem Training App (Powered by Trainerize) you are able to access your monthly digital training plan personalized for you by your trainer. These plans consist of three components — a series of peronalized video workouts, a recommended calendar or schedule, and ongoing connection and communication with your trainer through in-app messaging.

We believe you will have the best training experience if you communicate primarily through in-app messaging in the Tandem Training App (Powered by Trainerize) once your trainer begins to share your digital plan. However, if you and your trainer are both most comfortable communicating through other means, then feel free to do so. Whatever will keep you motivated and on track!


Please contact our customer support directly at and we will help you resolve any issues.

We are a Portland-based startup focused in our local area. We hope to offer training in more cities in the future. If you are interested in us expanding to your area, send us a note at

Ensuring you and your trainer are a great match is a top priority for us at Tandem, and that is why we do not want you to have to commit to anything or pay before speaking with your trainer. To be respectful of your and our trainer's time though, we only allow you to contact one trainer at a time. If the first trainer you speak with is not a great fit, no problem! You can either decline the trainer through your dashboard or reach out to us at to be able to contact another Tandem trainer.

No problem! We know the relationship between you and your trainer is what will keep you motivated, accountable, and help you stick with your fitness journey. If you decide to decline your initial trainer, head back to our Find a Trainer page to reach out to another trainer from our network. If you have already accepted your trainer, paid and now for whatever reason it is not a good fit, reach out to us at, and we will help you find a new trainer from our network.

As a local Portland-based startup, we have deep connections in the trainer community here in the Rose City. We recruit the best trainers from our network based on their experience, certifications, and client feedback. To ensure everyone's safety, we also run background checks on all of our trainers.

In-Person Sessions

If you select a subscription that includes in-person sessions, work directly with your trainer to schedule these at convenient times for you both. In-person training sessions will take place at your trainer's gym. There are no extra fees or memberships required to use your trainer's facility/gym during these in-person sessions. However, you will not have access to your trainer's gym at other times.

Unused in-person sessions do not rollover into your next subscription. Work directly with your trainer to schedule these at convenient times for you both.

To cancel or reschedule an in-person appointment, please contact your trainer directly through the Tandem Training App (Powered by Trainerize). When a client schedules a session, a block of time is reserved specifically for that client. Time is valuable for both our trainers and clients. Therefore, 24-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session. Should a 24-hour cancellation or rescheduling notice not be given, that session will be deducted from the client’s package of purchased sessions.


We don't ask for you to pay anything until after you have selected your trainer, spoken with them, and confirmed you want to move forward. Once you accept your trainer in your Tandem Dashboard, we will ask for your payment information and your card will be immediately charged. At this time, you will be enrolled in an ongoing monthly subscription based on the training plan you selected, and your account will be charged on the same date each month.

Your subscription renews each month on the same date you originally signed up. You can find this date on your Tandem dashboard.

Our team's goal is to help everyone lead healthy, active lives and achieve their personal goals. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your experience on Tandem, you may cancel your subscription at any point by contacting us at in your first month for a full refund. We want to make it as risk-free and easy as possible to work with one of our trainers and start a new fitness journey.


For any changes or cancellations, reach out to us directly at If you are cancelling your subscription, we will refund the pro-rated amount remaining on your monthly subscription at the time we receive your request.

If you are interested in adding more in-person sessions with your trainer, please reach out to us at, and we will do our best to work with you and your trainer to accommodate your request.

If you are interested in a subscription that exclusively involves in-person sessions, reach out to us at to see if any of our trainers are able to accommodate this request.

Tandem offers three different monthly subscriptions. Each subscription comes with a digital training plan personalized for you by your personal trainer. Two of our subscriptions also include in-person training sessions that will take place at your trainer's gym. Once you create your profile and pay for your subscription, you will be automatically be charged on the same day each month going forward.